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KEVA – project

Development cooperation
Voluntary work
Global Education


KEVA-project is funded by the Finnish National Board of Education focusing on the internationalisation of vocational education and training in 2009-2010.  

The project plan has been set for three years (2009-2011).

Focus groups for the project are upper secondary level students in Vocational Education and their teachers in Finland.

The KEVA partner organisations are located in Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Uganda, Namibia and Nepal

KEVA-project is carried out by a network of 10 Finnish vocational institutions and co-ordinated by the Agricola Education and Training Center. In the next phase of project the operational network may include further institutions.

The project objectives:

To increase students and teachers understanding of global development issues and increase awareness through global education

To provide opportunities to work in multicultural environments.

To encourage students and teachers (in Finland) to participate in voluntary work, both home and abroad.

KEVA-project aims to create sustainable and open partnerships between the Finnish institutions and the organisations from overseas.

Current activities:

The Finnish partner institutions have been evaluated on their current skills and knowledge in issues regarding development co-operation and global education.

There will be an assessment on the available information produced by other Finnish organisations involved in voluntary work in developing countries. This will then be utilized in the planning and implementation of the KEVA-project. 

During the first year of the project, a preparatory course will be designed and offered to the teachers in Finland with assistance from other organisations in the field of global education and development co-operation.

The objective for the second phase of the KEVA-project is to offer a module on voluntary work as part of the curriculum for the Finnish students.

In co-operation with various development agencies and the Finnish Embassies in partner countries, the KEVA-project is seeking to identify possible placements for Finnish students and teachers. Ideally these placements would provide a practical setting for students and teachers to familiarise themselves in voluntary work within a period of 4 to 8 weeks. These field visits are planned to start   on spring semester of the school year in 2010.

The first operational year of the project enables teachers to make preparatory visits to the project sights (such as Tanzania etc). In the second phase of the project Finnish students will have an opportunity to visit these project sights.

The experiences and information gathered from Botswana, Namibia, Nepal, Tanzania and Zambia will be shared amongst the Finnish institutions. The overall objective is to raise awareness of global development issues nationwide in Vocational upper secondary level schools and institutions.